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5 tips you must know as a photographer!

TipsErica TorresComment
5 tips you must know as a photographer!

Don't Ask For Things!

Why? Say you're working with a client and you are like "I'll do the shoot for you but you have to post it on your website or social media and tag me in it". Then you might have a stronger chance of losing them than gaining them. If you don't ask then when they do post it they'll tag you in it but if they don't it's ok to ask nicely but don't force them to is what I'm saying.


Find Influencers!

The influencer market is the biggest thing in order to get into the big world that you're desperately trying to get into. In order to get into this market you need to find people that are bigger than you are and I'm not talking about another photographer. I'm talking about businesses like restaurants, a blogger etc that has a lot of followers that they are influencing. When you find them try to offer a photoshoot with no strings attached.


Creative an Exclusive Group!

This exclusive group is for you and your influencers only and your team if you have a team. You can get your influencers interested by offering to share their work and them sharing yours. That will instantly get them on board with the idea of the group concept.


Don't Tell Your Price First!

What I mean by this is like say you have a client that you charge like $2,000 for an ad shoot and they make millions of dollars from that. How would you feel? If you wait and do your research on what are they going to use it for plus travel plus equipment usage and try to estimate how much they will profit from it and then estimate your fees that it will take to make the photo. So within this method you can make $1,400 to $14,000 easier and you can be your confident that no one will waste your time. Know your value!


De-Anchor Your Clients!

The client doesn't always understand why you price your pictures the way that you do this is called anchoring. How are you supposed to de-anchor your client? Just break everything down and explain that you charge from things like travel and editing or time and taking pictures etc. Help the client understand value and quality.