TipsErica Torres

Working with fashion designers

TipsErica Torres
Working with fashion designers

When working with designers keep in mind that you are using their hard work for your hard work so I'd just straight up say BE CAREFUL but I bet you already knew that. If you are getting paid to take these pictures the designer can be there and to tell you want they like and don't like but you are not being forced to hide away your creative mind because you are also an artist and should express it as so. I've worked with lots of designers to know the common questions everyone as asked in their time of need. I'm going to give you my top 5 most common questions and I'll give you some advice on what I did that helped me and just hope that it helps you.


#1 Where do you even find a fashion designer?

When out and about looking for fashion designers you would commonly find them networking more than working so I'd suggest looking on social media such as Instagram or Facebook. If you go to fashion shows or any type of fashion events you'll see them there as well but that one is kinda common sense as well. You can even go hang around an art school if you are young to scout but some times it can just seem creepy.


#2 How do you get them to want you?

My golden rule for any photoshoot is if you ask for a shoot then it's free but if they ask you get paid. If you followed #1 and you're on social media use hashtags to find a fashion designer in your area then offer them a collaboration shoot. Everyone loves free things right so when asking always email them do not direct message them. A collaboration shoot is like a one per person type of deal in order to avoid getting taken advantage of. If they agree to do a shoot with you try to give them an amazing experience such as using your amazing personality and humor they might actually refer someone to you.


#3 Where do you get your inspiration from?

I personally get all my inspiration from magazines, social media such as Instagram, other photographers such as friends that are doing well. I also look at local ads and billiards in my area that interests me while out and about. I am a perfectionist so I do like to look at work from other professionals, I analyze it and try to figure out how they did it. Being able to look at a photo and automatically estimate how the photo was taken just by looking at the eyes is great practice. Since the eyes are known as natural mirrors in the world of photography you can always find some answers in them.


#4 How do you send the photos and how long does it take to edit?

When I edit I can take up to 2 weeks maximum which is stated in my contract but I have edited 50 pictures and sent them the very next day. When I send my newly finished photos I normally send them via google drive or I will sent them in a customized 8gb flash drive. I do like to send the flash drives because after they have the images they can still use the flash drive for productivity, I think of it as a gift to wish them luck and hard work.


#5 What setting environment is most common for fashion designers to have shoots done?

Believe it or not most fashion designers like to have an outdoor setting for their shoots for many reasons such as it's cheaper when it comes to space and air and light which is one of the most obvious reasons to like it. Studio shoots look good for inventory photos or publications but so can outdoor photos so I'd recommend an outdoor setting for both the photographer and designer anyways.